Your customers’ behaviours change. Has your marketing strategy ?

Analysis and statistical modeling of consumers’ behaviors

Your customers’ behaviours change. Has your marketing strategy ?

Technology has radically changed consumer behaviour. The behavioural revolution first manifested itself in purchasing. Customers, in both B2B and B2C, are better informed, compare and arbitrate their choices. But behavioural changes are also lastingly changed outside the purchasing process. To give just one example, the television screen has become an accessory that supplements the tablet and smartphone.

What are the challenges for companies?

These behavioural changes are just as much of a threat as they are an opportunity. The most unwavering companies risk failing to adapt to these behavioural changes and no longer satisfying their customers’ needs. As soon as the customer base erodes, it results in a rapid decrease in profitability and endangers the very structure of the company. It is therefore essential to fully understand consumers’ emerging behaviours, market trends, and to leverage this to renew your marketing strategy and positioning. We help companies revisit their marketing strategy taking these evolutions into account.

Let’s think about opportunities to seize

Tips and tricks to better understand your customers’ behaviour

There is no need for science fiction gadgets or electrodes to better understand your customers’ behaviour. Among the techniques we use, here are two very easy tools you can use. Both are market research methodologies we regularly use in customers’ assignments:


This technique is particularly suitable for the retail sector. If you have surveillance cameras, you should start by observing the flow of your customers inside your point of sale. Poor sales results are often due to layout problems or employee interaction concerns (for more information, see this page for a full description of the diagram below)

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Customer Experience Analysis

Understanding customer behaviour also involves identifying their various interactions with your business before, during and after the purchase. By systematically describing the various steps, you will be able to identify your Achilles heel. That’s what we call “customer experience“.
To help you, we have developed a framework to facilitate analysis. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get it for free.

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